UK-800928 Java or C# Software Engineer

You are a natural born problem/puzzle solver, with a keen interest in technology. Your family and friends may despair at the number and variety of electronic devices, cables and adaptors you own; but what do they know? You either aspire to own an NFT, or shake your head in bewilderment at those that do. You know the difference between AI and ML, and believe they will emancipate the masses or lead to the enslavement of the human race. You may even welcome our new robot overlords. And there’s a small part of you that is secretly pleased when something breaks, because now you have an excuse to take it apart and see how it works.

We work with some cool technologies for complex data processing and big data solutions. As part of the next phase of our European growth strategy, we are looking for a number of super-bright software development professionals to help design and build the next generation solutions, whilst improving the existing offerings through the transition.

Expectations are high – you will have foundation knowledge in:

– Object oriented (OO) programming on any platform – Java or C#
– Agile methods throughout the development lifecycle
– Testing methods from a development perspective

For us, your knowledge should be combined with a passion and enthusiasm for new technologies. Through continuous learning, we can offer you the chance to work with bleeding edge technologies and get paid for it! Expected to work dynamically on a variety of projects, with our support, you will enjoy managing the majority of your own time. Adapting to different requests and new priorities keeps things interesting.

Operating within a team of highly regarded, multi-skilled professionals, successful candidates will have a direct and rewarding impact on the success of the business.

UK Allied Associates will reward successful candidates with a competitive salary, excellent benefits package, career progression and an opportunity to shape how the company continues to grow.

To apply you must be a British Citizen and prepared to obtain a level of security clearance. Due to those vetting requirements, in some instances, the recruitment process may take up to 6 months.